Analysis on Proposal about Governance Mining

:star_struck:Analysis on Proposal about Governance Mining

Service Logic

Currently, the development of Governance Mining has been completed, and the Service Logic is as follows:
:one:【Duration Time of entire activity】will be two years (96 weeks, adjustable), with 48 sessions in total

:two: 【Duration Time of each session】 will be two weeks(adjustable)

:three: 【Duration Time of entire activity】 = 【Duration Time of each session】 *【number of sessions】
And the【Duration Time of entire activity】and 【Duration Time of each session】must be determined and fixed before the commencement of the mining activity , while midway adjustment is not possible.

:four: There are three factors that affect the issuance of mining awards for the n-session.
①【Reward】:Maximum reward issued of n-session
②【Stake】: Actual staking amount of (n-1)session
③【Target】: Target staking amount of (n-1)session
Then the actual awards for the n-session is
(stake / target) * reward

:five: For the first session , maximum reward amount will be issued by default, that is, 100% * reward.

:six: The actual reward the user can enjoy is
【Proportion of Staking】× 【current issue rate】× 【Staking Duration of current session】= 【Proportion of Staking】× 【actual reward of current session / Duration time of current session 】× 【Staking Duration of current session】
According to the current contract logic, the following parameters must be fixed before the launch of Staking Mining.

① Duration of entire activity (e.g. 96 weeks)

②Duration of each session (e.g. 2 weeks)

③ Reward amount and staking target for the first session

Based on the above design concept, there are two proposals as follows:

:point_right:Proposal 1
Before the commencement of the activity, fix the 【Maximum reward issued】,【Actual staking amount】and 【Target staking amount】. This is the implementation logic of the current contract, and as long as the parameters are fixed, the mining can be launched immediately.However, the disadvantage of proposal 1 is that midway modification according to the subsequent situation is not possible once the mining is started. This proposal is lack of flexibility and requires strong prediction ability .

:point_right:Proposal 2
Decide the rewards for next session by voting. For example, within the n-session,
【Maximum reward issued 】and【Target staking amount】for m-session(m > n)can be determined.

This proposal is more flexible, but the current contract does not support it. If this proposal is selected, the development test is required, and the launch time is to be determined.
At present, community voting is required to select between the above two proposals.

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