BSC New Year AMA Theme:Bull year is here, QIAN & KUN to da moon!


:dizzy:The QIAN community is invited to participate in the BSC New Year AMA activity, and David, the QIAN architect, will share the development plan of the QIAN project in the New Year from the AMA. (After the AMA, FAQ activity bonus will be paid.) We sincerely hope that all KUNers will actively participate in the AMA.

AMA theme Bull year is here, QIAN & KUN to da moon!


SGT (Beijing, Singapore): 22:00 PM, 1/28/2021

UTC (London): 2:00 PM, 1/28/2021

New York: 9:00 AM, 1/28/2021

Los Angels: 6:00 AM, 1/28/2021

Channel :

Zoom meeting link:

Meeting ID: 935 1779 7505

Code: qiankun02

The BSC activity banner can directly jump to the live broadcast link, or QAIN's official community will also synchronize the live broadcast link.

:point_right:Note: After the AMA, we will in the Discard(link: hold FAQ activities, and the first answer will be awarding $2.

The following content hidden FAQ campaign answers:

:star:Project Introduction

  1. The Qian V1 route develops to Qian V2. There are three kinds of tokens in the Qian V2 protocol, QSD is a partially algorithm stablecoin, KUN is a governance token, and QDB is a bond token.

  2. What is the difference between Qian V2 protocol and Qian V1? What's the connection? Parallel development or upgrading replacement?

  3. Characteristics of Qian V2;

  4. Project security: After the code development of QIAN V2 is completed, the services of major audit institutions will be evaluated, including CertiK, Peckshield, Slowmist and other front-line audit institutions;

  5. Profitability model: Qian V2 will make profit by collecting transaction fees in business processes such as Mint, Redeem, Buyback, and Rek-Colateralization. Its profitability will increase synchronously with the increase of internal trading volume, and it will be able to effectively enable the project token KUN.

    6.KUN's proposal for a new distribution model has been submitted to the community for vote.

:star:Planning 2021

:one: QIAN V2 Planning;

:two: QSD will online BSC major Swap and derivatives exchanges. Currently planned to launch all trades Pancake, BurgerSwap, StablexSwap, ACryptos, Unisave, Bobodex, etc.;

:three: KUN: We will actively maintain communication with first-line exchanges and strive for an early launch of KUN as an excellent exchange;

:four: Is there a new development route for NFT in the New Year for the current basic NFT, KUN loong NFT and QIAN loong NFT?

:star:New Year's event

:point_right:invited to participate in the BSC New Year activity"QIAN KUN NFT trading competition :Spring Festival Bull Hunting",which will start at 8 o 'clock on January 29th, 2021. All QIAN NFT can trade on the exchange Bobodex.

:point_right:on SGT (Beijing, Singapore): 22:00 PM, 1/28/2021 when to QIAN V2 AMA"Bull year is here, QIAN and KUN to da moon!"activity.