BSC's "Hidden Loong: Christmas Treasure Hunting" QIAN KUN NFT mining event


Hello KUNers, QIAN is officially invited by Binance Smart Chain to participate in the Binance Smart Chain's Christmas carnival. We are currently informed that BSC's Christmas×New Year Carnival has three main activities for the project community to participate:

Activity 1

BSC provides 50,000 USD equivalent BNB for BSC network gas fee airdrop, whitelisted users' addresses are provided by participating projects. Projects can make their own whitelist requirements and invite users to participate in the BNB airdrop. BSC will distribute gas fee daily according to the whitelist provided by each project. (Each project can provide no more than 5000 addresses)

:point_right:The whitelist requirements of the QIAN project are as follows:

  1. BSC address that participates in the BNB airdrop of the QIAN project must meet the requirement of holding QUSD tokens above 10 QUSD;

  2. QIAN community developers will take a snapshot of the address at a random time on December 17th as verification. If the number of QUSD tokens on the address is found to be insufficient during the snapshot, the address will be removed from the whitelist;

  3. QIAN community developers will submit a whitelist to the BSC team on December 18th, and all participating users need to complete the address registration before December 18th.

  4. KUNers who meet the above requirements, please go to this link to register for this airdrop BNB event: Please note that the link is a Google form.

Activity 2

As BSC's introduction, they support projects to do their own Christmas and New Year activities. BSC will launch a new Christmas event page on their website, which will be online before December 21. This page will be widely spread on Twitter, Binance, and KOL communities, all Users who go to this page can jump to the event website of each project by clicking on the project banner and detail.

:point_right:QIAN's banner and event website have been determined. At that time, QIAN will launch our own "Hidden Loong: Christmas Treasure Hunting" QIAN KUN NFT mining event, which is conducive to our brand exposure and promotion. The rules of the event are as follows:

  1. QIAN NFTs are divided into three ranks, ranking R is the "basic NFTs", of which there are several basic NFTs, the token number for each kind of basic NFT is each limited to 500; ranking SR is the "KUN Loong NFTs", the token number is limited to 72; ranking SSR is the "QIAN Loong NFT", the token number is limited to 10.

  2. Burning 100 KUN tokens can mint a basic NFT randomly, collecting 12 different basic NFTs can mint a KUN Loong NFT, and using 5 KUN Loong NFTs can mint a QIAN Loong NFT.

  3. In addition to having certain collection and transaction value, the basic NFTs, KUN Loong and QIAN Loong NFTs may also have a governance voting quota equivalent to certain KUN tokens and other functions in the future. This part will be discussed by the community and be determined by the governance process approval.

  4. All NFTs can be traded on the partner BOBODEX.

Activity 3

Projects can participate in Dego Battalion Mining, users lock the project tokens and mine 50,000 USD equivalent Dego tokens. The Dego community provides a bonus pool for participating users in mining. It is up to each project to decide whether to establish its own Battalion team and invite the community to participate.

Projects participating in this event need to submit their project tokens equivalent to 10,000 USD to Dego team. For QIAN, Dego's suggestion is to provide 3000 QUSD equivalents KUN and 7000 QUSD for packaging into Dego NFTs, for all users participating in the event to share.

Dego may also support QUSD directly as a trading medium for various NFTs on its platform. KUNers in the QIAN community who are also in the Dego community, please actively promote the in-depth cooperation between the two projects.

For QIAN, the community members can mine Dego tokens for free and lock the liquidity of KUN, making it highly playable.


The above is the introduction of this BSC Christmas event, welcome KUNers to leave your message and suggestions!

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Dang I have held qian probably more than the majority that get the nft. I was short of 10 when I read this and got it in the 17th but must of been after snapshot, I won one on the math daily spin wheel so thought I was ok but guess not, Bummer