bStable sucks

Everyone knows that bStable sucks. Like everyone I LOST EVERYTHING!.

There are a few tips for market maker on bStable

1. For the new to bStable

There are 2 tricks:

(1) Which coin you mint is essentially the relative price of which coin you short of the three coins. In other words, it will be beneficial to you to increase the proportion of your funds in the fund pool.

This is the reason why many people have lost a lot of QUSD this time. When the proportion of QUSD is high, they still deposit a large amount of QUSD. So you will lose as the proportion goes down.

(2) Don't do the deposit and redeem with one token

If you just want a test, deposit one single token, and then redeem it immediately, you will find that there is a loss of several thousandths.

Because the transaction fee of bStable is as high as 0.3% (while the Curve is only 0.04%), if you deposit one coin in, the pool will replace part of it with the remaining two coins according to the current ratio; then you immediately redeem it again. The transaction fee will be charged up to 0.6%,because the transactions will be conducted two times.

So what should we focus on?

Be sure to pay attention to the proportion of the pool that is suitable for entering the market. Remember what I said before, which proportion of the token you deposit is higher than the current proportion, the essence is that you are relatively short on it.

If you really don’t know how to do it, you may follow the ratio of the three tokens in the current fund pool.

2. For those who are already mining for market making:

If you stop the market making and exchange it back to your original token, the transaction fee is 0.3%, which is very high. Therefore, I suggested you don't deposit and redeem frequently in this cheating place as you were the market maker.

0.1% of the 0.3% transaction fee belongs to the market maker. If you are already making a market, please feel at ease to have it.

Please feel free to comment.

Still, bStable SUCKS!