Chemix Open Beta Guide


:dizzy:March is coming as scheduled. Under the eager expectation of all KUNers, the new generation QIAN Protocol -- Chemix Beta is finally on the line for public beta. The public beta will be available from March 8 to March 17.

:dizzy:QIAN V2 is a fractional-algorithmic synthetic assets protocol that is open-source, permissionless, and entirely on-chain, currently implemented on the BSC network. The goal of QIAN V2 is to establish a highly scalable, decentralized, algorithmic assets management system to provide technical reserves for the continuous upgrade of the QIAN protocol. (Note: the name Chemix is a derivation of Chemical Reaction, which represents the new generation of QIAN protocol synthetic assets concept.)

:dizzy:QIAN V1 adopts the crypto asset pledge minting mechanism similar to MakerDAO’s DAI and issues decentralized stablecoin QUSD. With the support of KUNers, QUSD will gradually gain recognition in the mainstream market. During the development of Chemix, QIAN V1 continues to operate normally.

Chemix Open Beta test preparation:

:star:We recommend downloading the Google Chrome browser and installing the MetaMask wallet.

Note: Please ensure a secure network environment and keep your MetaMask mnemonic and password. Losing a mnemonic will completely lose your assets.

The basic operating steps for Chemix Open Beta are as follows:

:point_right:1. Enter the Google Chrome browser, open the Chemix official beta website:

:point_right:2. Click MateMask Address from the left toolbar, and link MateMask. MateMask pops up "Request Signature", and click "Signature" button to enter.

:point_right:3. Click the network toggle button in the upper right corner of the MetaMask wallet and select "Custom RPC".

:star:After entering the following parameters, click " Save ", and then switch to BSC Tentnet.

:point_right:Matemask BSC Tentnet test environment parameters:

Network name: BSC TentNet


Chain ID: 97

Symbol: BNB

Blocks the browser URL:

:point_right:3. After selecting the Matemask BSC Tentnet network environment, click QIAN protocol V2 beta testing white list to obtain a certain number of test tokens of BNB, BTCB, USDT and KUN (Note: in the test environment, MOT stands for KUN).

:point_right:4.Before performing QSD mining, select "Max Suppage" on the left toolbar to confirm the maximum slippage (0%-20%) that you can accept.

(slide points: the choice of the chain to the factors of price changes at any time, when the user interface may be related to the number of chain is calculated by the number of actual execution time on the different, slippage said you can accept differences between degree, if the actual calculated the number of less than the value of slippage after, the transaction failed, otherwise will be subject to the results of the calculation on the chain.)

:star:MINT operation guide

:point_right:1. Click "Mint" in the left toolbar to start require QSD.

:point_right:2. Select a certain number of BNB/BTCB/USDT + KUN, according to the BNB/BTCB/USDT COINS and KUN real-time prices, and click on the bottom of the APPROVE KUN. MateMask pop-up "Https:// using your MOT allowed?" ", click "OK", and wait 0-3 minutes, "Authorization successful" will pop up.

:point_right:3. If it hasn't popped up for a long time, you can open Matemask and click "Activity" to check whether the authorization is successful.

:point_right:4. When the authorization succeeds, change the word "Approve" to "Mint". Choose a currency of BNB/BTCB/USDT and the number of KUN. Click the "MINT" button at the bottom. After the MATEMASK pops up, click "Confirm" to MINT the tokens.

:point_right:5. After successful coinage, the following "transaction status: successful additional issue" will pop up. Open and enter your trading address information to identify.

:star:Redeem guide

:point_right:1. Click the left toolbar " Redeem ". You can enter a certain number of QSD, and select BNB/BTCB/USDT in any currency, clicking "Approve", and wait for the authorization status. When authorization succeeds, the word "APPROVE" in the right hand side is replaced with "REDEEM".

:point_right:2.Enter the number of QSD that you want to REDEEM, select BNB/BTCB/USDT in any currency, click "Redeem", then Matemask pops up, click "Redeem", and wait for the redemption feedback page to pop up the trading status: "Redeem is successful."

Refresh the page to see the redemption results at the bottom.

(Note: The KUN value of the algorithm part will be converted to KBT when redemption is made. When certain conditions are met, the user can convert KBT to KUN one-to-one.)

:point_right:3. If you want to "WITHDRAW" the redeemed currencies, you can click the "WITHDRAW" button at the bottom of the page and the MateMask page will pop up. Click "Confirmate" and wait 0-3 minutes to display "Transaction Status: Withdrawal Successful".

:star:Buyback & Recollateralize operation guide

:point_right:Click the left toolbar "Buyback & RecolLateralize" .

Buyback: :point_right:1.KUN holder chooses to consume the amount of KUN and can get a certain amount of BNB/BTCB/USDT ( exchange the surplus collateral from the mortgage contract with KUN ), click "Approve"; After the Matemask pops up, click OK to obtain authorization.

:point_right:2. After authorization, change "Approve" to "Buyback", enter the quantity of KUN you want to Buyback, and click "Buback".

Recollateralize: the page can be operated when the system is in the state of insufficient collateral and needs the collateral to reach the target mortgage rate.

:point_right:After selecting a token you want to mortgage, such as BNB/ USDT/BTCB, click "RecolLateralize", a MateMask pops up and clicks to confirm, waiting for the feedback of the transaction result. After successful transaction, it will pop up: Transaction status: Recollateralize successful.

:star:Operation Guide for Pledge of Interest

With Staking, click on the left toolbar, take you to the Pledge page.