Guide to QIAN Community Governance Voting

:star_struck:As a completely community-oriented project, successful governance is pretty significant to the development of project and community.

QIAN pursues fair participation of community members in governance, so as to give full play to the initiative of community members, introduce external partners, and continuously enhance the influence of QIAN community.

The community governance voting has the decision-making power on all matters of the QIAN project, and the holder of KUN has full control over the QIAN Stablecoin Protocol, and is ultimately responsible for all its matters.

:point_right:This article will explain the detailed operation steps of governance voting.

Note:Proper gas will be required when conducting the【Stake now】and【Register to vote】process, while only signature is required during【Voting on Snapshot】instead.

:one: Select your main chain to ensure that the wallet is properly connected .

Metamask wallet is recommended(see the BSC network configuration guide for details)


:two:Click 【Governance】then【Proposal】to enter the voting page.

:three:The user can see the KUN balance , and input the amount to be locked. Then click 【Stake Now】.

Note: KUN can be unstaked at any time. Stake reward will be decided by voting and then the reward will be opened to claim.

:four:Go to the 【Vote】 page and click 【Register to vote】to verify the voting quota. Then click 【Vote On Snapshot】.

:five:Select your target proposal gate and enter the specific voting page.

:six:Select the corresponding proposal and click to enter the detailed page. Users can view the status of the proposal in the current list, such as [Active] and [Closed].

:seven:Users can view the details of the proposal, and view the deadline and the current voting results on the right.

:eight:Select your favorite option and click [vote] to confirm.

:nine: In the pop-up page, confirm the voting details again, and click [Vote] to continue.

:keycap_ten:Users can also click [New proposal] to initiate a new proposal. \

Note: Before launching a proposal, the draft proposal should be fully discussed by the community and forum, and users should have at least 100 voting power.