Hello from VirgoX——The World Stabelcoin Trading Center

Hi everyone!

VirgoX is a revolutionary one-stop stablecoin focused digital asset trading platform inspired by global adoptions of stablecoins and growing demands for integrated exchange services. We would like to introduce QUSD to the global VirgoX community.

With our industry-leading trading infrastructure, VirgoX launches well-designed stablecoins, top digital currencies/projects, stablecoin empowered FX contract, financial product, QuickBids, crypto Loans and platform token VXT ecosystem. Crypto traders can experience a full-functioning stablecoin-focused trading platform, meeting the present needs of users and anticipate future demands.

Our Features:

  • Highest standard security
  • The first-ever world stablecoin trading center
  • Innovative FX Trading Powered by Stablecoins
  • Comprehensive Platform Token (VXT) Ecosytsem

World Stabelcoin Association

VirgoX and Global Digital Assets launch World Stablecoin Association (WSA), an independent, not-for-profit organization that is structured and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with a mission to unite business leaders, enterprises, community buildings and regulators in the stablecoin industry internationally. The World Stablecoin Association membership currently consists of the two founding firms and BlockGeeks, whose CEO Ameer Rosic is also on the WSA steering committee, as well as some of the leading stablecoin projects including BRZ, CBRL, Peg Network, QCAD, QC, Ren, Stably, USDK and XDB and capital groups such as Alpha Sigma Capital, Consensus Labs and Nova Club. Furthermore, some influential blockchain media and communities such as Blockchain Club, Mars Finance and Jinse Finance have a strong desire to curate and deliver stablecoin trends with WSA.

(WSA Website: https://www.worldstablecoin.org/)

Why Lists on VirgoX?

  • World Stabelcoin Trading Center: VirgoX has an exclusive stablecoin trading zone and has launched 20+ various types of stablecoins. Algorithmic stablecoins such as ESD, DSD, BAC, UST, AMPL, have been listed. VirgoX aims to build a world stablecoin trading center with all well-designed stablecoins.
  • Comprehensive Stablecoin empowered products : VirgoX will promote QUSD to all users by QuickBids, Crypto Loans, Flexible savings, Term deposits and Crypto FX contract.
  • Risks are strictly controlled. When there is an abnormal operation of the smart contract, VirgoX will automatically detect and respond timely. VirgoX helped the OUSD project to recover more than one million dollars in losses under the "flash loan" attack.
  • Low cost and easy-to-use. Compared with decentralized exchanges, centralized exchanges are more user-focused with low cost, better liquidity and an easy-to-use interface.

Please feel free to contact us or visit our website at www.virgox.com if you have any questions.

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Official Customer Service Email: Support@virgox.com



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