Is it cold underwater? QSD and a HELMET to take you QFEI

:lion:Recently, the FEI Protocol, an algorithmic stablecoin that uses the concept of a Protocol Controlled Value (PCV) to remain the price in line with US dollar, ran into trouble on the Ethereum backed by several high-profile investors.

Most of the users who support the algorithmic stablecoin have a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency investment. FEI dilemma has made many crypto investors suspicious of the algorithmic stablecoin development. Chemix has teamed up with Helmet to help investors restore confidence in the algorithmic stabillion industry.

Is it cold underwater? QSD and a HELMET to take you QFEI

Event time: April 9, 2021 solstice May 9, 2021

Total tokens: 200,000 QSD + 150,000 KUN + 75,000 Helmet

Activity Introduction:

The holder of FEI tokens on Ethereum through ChainSwap across the chain to the BSC, a single currency on the Helmet stake Insurance policy QFEI [QFEI is a FEI Insurance policy issued by QSD(remain the price in line with US dollar) on the HELMET platform (1 FEI =1 QSD, the Insurance policy will be valid for 30 days), the activity for distribution of 200,000 QFEI Insurance policy, mining cycle for 7 days. The mine produces 28,571 QFEI Insurance policy per day.

48-72 hours after FEI - QFEI single token mining, users are allowed to stake LPT tokens of QFEI-QSD for liquid mining and get KUN reward. The mining time is 20 days, and a total of 150,000 KUN rewards. For the next 48-72 hours after QFEI-QSD mining launched, the user will be able to stake LPT in the KUN-HELMET for 20 days, with a total of 75,000 Helmets to be reward.

Three steps:
:point_right: The first level is FEI mint insurance policy (QFEI) ;
:point_right: The second level is QFEI insurance token plus QSD to mine KUN;
:point_right: Mine Helmet token by KUN plus Helmet.

with QSD in your hands FEI, solution you hold FEI trapped. Let your investment take off again.

Chemix site for QSD mint (Mint require burning KUN) :

QSD mint Guide :

Helmet :

ChainSwap :

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What is Chemix?

Chemix (QIAN V2) is a fractional-algorithmic synthetic assets protocol that is open-source, permissionless, and entirely on-chain, currently implemented on the BSC network. In the mint operation, the arithmetic is adjusted by KUN token.The name Chemix is derived from the chemical reaction, which corresponds to the core business of the synthetic assets.

The goal of Chemix is to establish a scalable, distributed, algorithm-adjusted synthetic asset management system. Its advantage is the improvement of user's capital utilization and a stable arbitrage mechanism through minting, redemption, buyback, and recollateralization. Chemix has been audited by Certik.

What is Helmet? is a peer-to-peer price-shield insurance protocol on BSC, launched on 13th Jan. 2021, with the aim to redefine option trading with user-friendly insurance policy wrapping.Policy trading on helmet is market-oriented without complex mathematics. Helmet allows everyone to easiliy create insurance policy of any cryptoasset in the market, protecting DeFi users against the risk of price fluctuations.

Besides, Helmet add the mining part in hedging tool, allowing defiers enjoy the yield farming while trading the policy. There are 2 kinds of policy- SHORT Token and LONG token.