Is that necessary for QIAN to support FLASH LOANS?

Hello everyone, I am one of QIAN's community developers.

The zero minting fee of QIAN is a major innovation of its system. With this design, the user's minting cost is reduced, and there is no need to worry about the holding time of QUSD, as long as you are willing to hold it. But everything has pros and cons, and it is precisely because of this design that the QIAN system currently has no stable source of profit. On the other hand, with the rapid increase in the scale of QUSD casting, a large number of pledge assets are locked in the system. Based on this background, it is recommended that the community explore a profit method-whether "Flash Loans" may be applied in the QIAN system.

One easy way to understand the flash loan is to borrow an asset from the QIAN system in a transaction and do whatever you want as long as return the QIAN system before the end of the transaction. The returned quantity can be used as system income with a portion of the handling fee more than the lent quantity. Currently, projects that support flash loans functions include aave, uniswap, dydx, etc.

Obviously, the flash loans function can add a source of profit to QIAN's system, but its disadvantages are the security issues. Now the world does not know how many hackers are staring at various DEFI projects, and news about flash loans attacks are constantly emerging (most of this refers to lightning attacks, not attacks on the flash loans project itself). Since the flash loans function directly operates the collateral in the system, once a loophole occurs, it may be an unacceptable loss for everyone.

Therefore, I hope to discuss with you whether it is necessary for QIAN to support flash loans or explore some relatively safe profit models.

I suggest supporting flash loans ASAP to provide a source of income for the system. QIAN protocol itself is not vulnerable against flash loan attacks. Providing such functionality only does service, not harm, to the DeFi world.

My guess is that is too EARLY to increase the risk for the QIAN community. There is only one month of the project, we should keep pushing the current protocol to mass adoption, and then after a time we can support Flash Loans. Now, the fee income will be too small for the risk involved (smart contract risk, code risks, ...)

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I actually think it's a good idea to support it while QIAN is still growing, as it will help with adoption. There will be a testnet phase where the community can help spotting potential bugs.