[Notice] Proposal to burn the maliciously increased KUN by hacker [Voting]

As the smart contract for KUN mining was hacked on October 26, 2020 (UTC+8), the KUN supply of the Ethereum network was maliciously increased at that time (click here to view the incident review post). Although KUN has been over issued, the additional issuance has been frozen at the hacker's address. The additional issue of KUN has been permanently frozen from circulation and will not affect market prices.

However, this part of the additional KUN issuance is in addition to the total amount of 12 million, which affects the current total supply data and actual circulation data of KUN. In order to ensure that the total supply remains unchanged, as well as the accurate display of KUN circulation by major market data websites. It is now proposed to burn 1,288,526.7181 KUN tokens that have been frozen by the developers of QIAN. DAO members in the QIAN community are asked to vote on this solution.

If the burn plan is passed by the vote, QIAN community developers will modify the KUN contract according to the standard procedure after multi-party signatures, and burn the KUN tokens on the attacker's address. This operation will not affect the number of KUN tokens in other wallet addresses, nor will it affect the next mining output of KUN. After the burning is completed, major market data websites such as Coinmarketcap, Coingecko will be able to correctly display KUN's token data, which will help expand KUN's influence and reduce the confusion of new token holders.

KUN holders who is interested in participating in this vote, please register for KUN lock-up and vote before 20:58 pm on December 1st, 2020, Singapore time. The voting was online at 21:35 December 1st, 2020, Singapore time.

Please refer to the QIAN governance voting method: Guide to QIAN Community Governance Voting

Since the additional KUN is only on the Ethereum network, the KUN of the BSC network will not participate in this vote.

Vote on Ethereum network