Our road map in next 6 months (publicated on 05/28/2021)

Dear Chemix community,

The communication between dev team and the community is very important, although we are in a rapidly growing and changing environment, the development road map is still very important for our project, we are always here with our community and busy developing our project, the dev team is the people who care about Chemix project the most, now let's discuss in the following 6 months, what will be our team's priorities:

  1. Complete our no.2, no.3, no.4, and no.x synths, currently, the team is considering using QSD as collateral and have 150%-200% CR for each synths issuing, this kind of collateral model can be used in synths that follow real-world asset such as oil, gold, real estate. For some synths that didn't exist before, we would like to seek other mechanisms than the over-collateral model, maybe by using QSD's fractional-algo model.

  2. Support our ecosystem to grow. Currently, we have several allies who would like to build their products based on Chemix, such as an IDO platform that focuses on new potential tokens issuing and using QSD in their auctions; and a brand new yield farming and strategies platform that would like to build on KUN, QSD, and our future token pairs and arbitrage strategies. The Chemix team will support their development and marketing, the community will soon get more of their news.

  3. Build on Ethereum and other mainstream blockchains. As you have already seen in our latest Tweet, we are going to deploy Chemix on the Arbitrum network, which means Chemix will enter the Ethereum ecosystem and build on the L2 of Ethereum. The Arbitrum has a lot of excellent projects on it, such as Uniswap V3, MCDEX, Chainlink, AAVE, and, Chemix. Our users can finally use their KUN tokens on the Ethereum network in QSD and other synths, we can't wait for the launch of Arbitrum, indeed, the Chemix project will collaborate with some tier 1 projects on Arbitrum to expand the use of QSD, please stay tuned for more of our announcement in future collaborations.

  4. Listing of KUN, QSD, and other synths. The dev team has full confidence in the Chemix project, so we don't want to waste our time on low credit exchanges, global tier-one exchanges are always the goal of our token listing plan, however, there will be unexpected conditions in the future, we would like to keep mysterious on when and which exchange will KUN to be listed, please wait for our future announcement, too.

  5. Marketing, developing, and hiring. We know that Chemix has low exposure in the crypto world! The reason is that we still think we are far beyond an excellent project and product. However, so many famous projects were built from scratch, we are extremely confident about our project. Now we are already planning a series of marketing activities such as inviting some YouTubers to public videos about Chemix, together with collaborating with other well-known projects on QSD, all is to attract more users and investors to our project, if you have any good ideas about how to raise Chemix project's awareness, or if you would like to join our project team, please feel free to send your ideas to [email protected], we expect your feedback!

  6. Continuously tracking the flow of the hack tokens on May 14, 2021. We will locate the identity of the hacker and get our collateral tokens back, this is the entire life mission of our dev team, we will never tolerate the bad guy happily squander his/her stolen tokens, here we also invite the community to track the stolen funds and help us catch this hacker in the future.

  7. Continuously update our product. We have hired a back-end developer and will soon get our data page ready, the dev team will continuously update and check our code, meet our users' needs on platform functions and code securities. We are planning to invite at least two audit groups to check our code securities. We will never make the hack disaster happen again.

That's our dev plan for the following 6 months, now these arrangements are still in discussion, we may update more ideas here, welcome to have further discussions on the road map following this post, let's enjoy the Chemix project together!

Best Regards,
Your Chemix dev team