Put 400k KUN token on BurgerSwap Bridge service for cross-chain needs

Hello community,

As our core community members said, BurgerSwap offers decentralized cross-chain Bridge service between ERC-20 tokens and BEP-20 tokens of any token. Here the dev team suggests to use BurgerSwap Bridge for KUN cross-chain service currently, together with 200k KUN ERC-20 and 200k KUN BEP-20 tokens in the marketing address of team.

As the KUN token for cross-chain bridge will keep balance within 400k KUN, so the use of these tokens can be voted in the governance forum system, we don't need to vote on Snapshot, please choose FOR or AGAINST here to share your attitude of this proposal, the voting will last for 24 hours since the post is active.

  • FOR

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