QIAN KUN NFT trading competition :Spring Festival Bull Hunting

:dizzy:Hello KUNers, QIAN's officially invited by Binance Smart Chain to participate in the Binance Smart Chain's Spring Festival activity .We will hold a QIAN KUN NFT trading competition together with BOBODEX and the theme is "Spring Festival Bull Hunting".The BSC Spring Festival event will be widely disseminated on BSC's Twitter, Binance community, and KOL community. The activity banner location on BSC's will be determined, which is conducive to the exposure and promotion of participating project brands.

:point_right:Activity time: 2021/01/29 8:00-2020/02/11 8:00 (UTC+8)

:point_right:Reward rules of QIAN NFT trading competition:

1.During the event, the first three users who trade QIAN Loong NFT on BOBODEX will gain a limited edition BOBO NFT worth $50.Each of the remaining trading QIAN Loong NFT will randomly select eight people and each will gain BOBO worth $30. NFT "Bullish".
2. During the event, the first three users who trade KUN Loong NFT on BOBODEX will each gain BOBO NFT worth 30 US dollars; 8 other KUN Loong NFT traders will be randomly selected, and each will gain BOBO NFT worth 10 US dollars. Niuyun prosperously.
3. During the event, all users who trade QIAN NFT on BOBODEX will randomly select 10 people, and each will gain BOBO NFT "Bull Win Prosperity" which worth 30 US dollars.

:dizzy:Note: the methods to obtain and trade QIAN NFT:

:star:1.Users who already own QIAN NFT in previous events can go directly to BOBODEX to trade and participate in the competition;

:star:2.New users and users who need more QIAN NFT can participate in the following NFT synthesis activities after obtaining NFT, go to BOBODEX to trade and participate in competition activities;

  1. QIAN NFT is divided into three categories, basic NFT, "Kunlong" NFT and "Dianlong" NFT, of which there are several basic NFTs, each limited to 500; one Kunlong NFT, limited to 72; dry One type of Dragon NFT, limited to 10 pieces.
  2. Burning 100 KUN can generate a basic NFT randomly, collecting 12 basic NFTs can generate a Kunlong NFT, and 5 Kunlong NFTs can generate a Qianlong NFT.
  3. In addition to having certain collection and transaction value, the basic models, Kunlong and Qianlong NFTs may also have a governance voting quota equivalent to a certain KUN and other functions in the future. This part will be discussed and approved by the community The governance process is determined.
  4. All NFTs can be traded through the partner BOBODEX.
    :dizzy:Specific operation can refer to:https://forum.qian.finance/t/operation-guide-of-bscs-hidden-loong-christmas-treasure-hunting-qian-kun-nft-mining-event/338

Note: Data statistics will be completed within 5 working days after the event ends, and BOBO rewards will be issued within 7 working days after the data statistics are completed.