[QUSD & KUN] WePiggy Voting Guide

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Brief introduction:

The WePiggy community will launch its first voting for the liquidity mining program and Six candidate currencies will be selected according to the number of“Hearts”received in the proposal being discussed in the forum. Then the voting may be launched on November 25, and three currencies will be selected to be listed in WePiggy mining pools.

:point_right:In general, there are two steps to support the launch of QUSD & KUN:

① Go to the forum , and click “Heart”for QUSD&KUN

② On November 25, go to snapshot to vote for QUSD & KUN.

:point_right:Step 1: Go to WePiggy forum, and Support QUSD

:one: Go to https://gov.wepiggy.com/, and register the forum ID

:two: As shown in the figure below, enter [WIP1: Voting For New Pools In WePiggy’s Liquidity Mining Program - First Phase]

:three: Find the QUSD and KUN Proposal , and click :heart:

Step 2: Go to the Snapshot Forum and vote for QUSD & KUN

Snapshot Voting Tutorial : https://www.yuque.com/zgryhn/duu5f7/ghyasn

:point_right: Voting Instructions:

:one: Voting time: November 25, subject to the official announcement of WePiggy;

:two: Voting rules: a certain number of WPCs is requested in the wallet.

:green_circle: Note: WPC is short for WePiggy coin, which is the governance token of WePiggy protocol. Its main purpose is to motivate the liquidity providers on WePiggy and let more users participate in WePiggy governance as much as possible, with a total amount of about 8 million .

:three: Only signature is requested during the voting process and no extra fee is needed.

:four: Three currencies will be finally selected among the Six candidates.