【 StableX 】 Liquidity Mining Guide of KUN

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: StableX Liquidity Mining Guide of KUN

As a pure community project, QIAN system will be governed by a global community (DAO) composed of KUN Governors. The total supply of governance token KUN is 12 million. There are no pre-mining, no private placement or no team distribution, and100% KUN will be distributed through mining.

The liquidity mining of KUN refers to the process in which users provide liquidity for relevant trading pairs to obtain the governance token KUN .

This article will take StableX (BSC chain) platform as an example to illustrate the liquidity mining steps of KUN in detail.

:earth_africa:Friendly Reminder from QIAN Community : Understand the Impermanent Loss, Verify the Contract Address, Pay attention to the Trading slippage , and avoid the unnecessary loss.

1. Start time: 3 December. , 2020 at 22:00 P.M. (GMT+8)

2. Time of Duration: 14 days


4. Release speed: 888 KUN/day for(QUSD/BUSD and QUSD/USDT),388 KUN/day for(QUSD/USDC and QUSD/DAI)

5. Mining rules: Liquidity Mining.
Users who supply liquidity for the 【QUSD/BUSD】,【QUSD/USDT】,【QUSD/USDC】,【QUSD/DAI】 liquidity pool through StableX will receive STAX-LP tokens. Then lock the STAX-LP tokens on the QIAN platform to obtain the governance token KUN as a reward.

:point_right:In general, KUN's LP mining at StableX is divided into two main steps:
① Supply liquidity for the designated liquidity pool to obtain STAX-LP tokens.
② Lock the STAX-LP on the QIAN platform and get the KUN as a reward.

:one: It is recommended to download Google Chrome and install MetaMask extension application.

:point_right:Note: Please make sure that you have a secure network environment, safely keep your MetaMask mnemonic phrase and password. Losing the mnemonic phrase will result in a complete loss of assets.

:two: Open Google Chrome, go to the official website https://qian.finance , and click【To Mining on BSC】to enter the mining page.

:three: Click the address of your target fund pool (taking QUSD/USDT as an example) , and jump to StableX platform.

:four: Click【Connect to a Wallet】to connect the wallet to the StableX platform.

:five: The page will automatically jump to the liquidity adding page of 【QUSD/USDT】. Please note that according to the StableX rules, users need to supply liquidity according to the value ratio of 50%: 50%. Therefore, users need to prepare the corresponding QUSD and USDT in advance. Enter the number of USDT or QUSD you want to deposit, and the system will automatically calculate the number of other asset to be deposited.

Click 【Approve QUSD】and 【Approve USDT】, then click【Supply】button to supply liquidity.

:six: The user will receive【QUSD/USDT Pool Tokens】, which is namely【STAX-LP】as the certificate of liquidity supply. Click 【Confirm Supply】.

:seven: Return to the 【StableX(BSC)】mining page and click 【QUSD/USDT】.

:eight: Select 【Connect】to access the MetaMask to QIAN platform. Note:Make sure select【BSC Mainnet】 of the MetaMask. Click How to connect your MetaMask wallet to BSC Mainnet for reference.

:nine: As shown in the figure below, users can see their 【Balance】【Locked amount】and【Withdrawable rewards】.

:keycap_ten: Click 【Lock STAX-LP】, input the number of STAX-LP to be locked, and click 【Confirm】.

11.If the user stops mining, click 【Unlock STAX-LP】, and the locked STAX-LP will return to wallet. Users can turn to the StableX interface and click 【Remove】as shown below to withdraw all assets.