Verifiy the Balancer and Equator (BSC) liquidity pool address of KUN/QUSD

The yield farming on Balancer and Equator of KUN/QUSD will start on 1:00 pm GMT, 10/24/2020. The liquidity pool of Balancer and Equator have been created already, you can now add liquidity to these two pools, get your BPT and EPT, then wait for the farming to start and lock your BPT EPT into the farming smart contract for high yield KUN reward.

KUN token Yield farming webpage:

1. Balancer KUN/QUSD liquidity pool address:

BPT smart contract address:

2. Equator KUN/QUSD liquidity pool address:

EPT smart contract address (BSC):

Notice: when you choose Equator liquidity pool, make sure your MetaMask network is in Binance Smart Chain environment.