Verifiy the Pancake and DODOEX liquidity pool address

:lollipop:The staking on Pancake (BNB/ QSD Pool, KUN/ BUSD Pool) and DODOEX (QSD/ BUSD Pool) started on 8:00 am GMT, 04/02/2021. The liquidity pools has been created, users can add liquidity to them for the appropriate liquidity token. Users will obtain the corresponding lockup interests and high yield KUN tokens reward.

:point_right: QSD token staking webpage´╝ÜChemix staking

QSD smart contracts address´╝Ü

KUN smart contracts address´╝Ü

KBT smart contracts address´╝Ü

DBQ smart contracts address´╝Ü

Mainnet smart contracts address´╝Ü

Pancake BNB/QSD liquidity pool address: Pancake swap(BNB/QSD)

BNB/QSD smart contract address´╝łBSC´╝ë´╝Ü BNB/QSD BSCScan address

Pancake KUN/BUSD liquidity pool address: Pancake swap(KUN/BUSD)

KUN/BUSD smart contract address´╝łBSC´╝ë´╝ÜKUN/BUSD BSCScan address

DODOEX QSD/BUSD liquidity pool address: DODOEX(QSD-BUSD)

QSD/BUSD smart contract address´╝łBSC´╝ë´╝ÜQSD/BUSD BSCScan address

:star:Notice: when you choose Pancake and DODOEX liquidity pool, make sure your MetaMask network is in Binance Smart Chain environment.