Chemix Launchpad User KYC and Whitelist Tutorial

Before participation in the auction of any assets on Chemix Launchpad, there are two key steps, firstly users need to apply to KYC verification (for non-Chinese and U.S. users) and then get whitelisted with simple step: provide 5 BUSD/QSD LP liquidity, or holding 10 KUN (or 100 CEC) in the wallet.

QSD is an algorithmic USD stablecoin issued by Chemix Labs. QSD can be purchased on DEXes such as PanCakeSwap or be minted on

Detailed steps are:

I. KYC Verification

  1. Open the Launchpad website (, connect to the decentralized wallet such as Metamask and select the BSC network.

2.Click My Profile to perform KYC verification (certification information for non-Chinese and American users must be submitted)

II. Get whitelisted
The platform will conduct randomized snapshots of the users’ wallet, if one user’s wallet meets one of the two following conditions, then the user will be whitelisted,

Option #1: Providing Liquidity
Provide liquidity of at least 5 LP Token worth about 10$USDT of QSD/BUSD. QSD can be purchased with BUSD on PancakeSwap or be minted on

Option #2: Holding CEC (or KUN)
By holding at least 100 CEC (or 10 KUN). KUN can be purchased on DEX such as Pancakeswap. And CEC can only be migrated from KUN recently and can be purchased on the market later.

QSD/BUSD LP Liquidity can be provided on DEX as following,

1、Connect PancakeSwap

  1. Purchase QSD, to meet at least 5 LP, you can purchase a little more, for example 6 QSD.

  2. Provide at least 5 QSD/BUSD LP Liquidity

Ⅲ. Click to enter the Auctions menu, select to participating any auctions. It should be noted that the bidding tool will be USDT, BUSD or QSD in the wallet. Thus you need to ensure that your wallet has enough such assets when participating in the auctions.