Chemix Launchpad User Participation Tutorial

Chemix Launchpad is a new product developed by Chemix Labs community. It provides synthetic on-chain mint assets to release liquidity of locked assets. Chemix Labs is the world's first fractional algorithm-based synthetic asset protocol.

Before participation in the auction of any assets on Chemix Launchpad, there are two key steps, firstly users need to apply to KYC verification (for non-Chinese and US users) and then provide 100U worth of BUSD/QSD LP liquidity. (PS:Two steps can be done at the same time)
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Among the LP, QSD is an algorithmic USD stablecoin issued by Chemix Labs. QSD can be purchased on PanCakeSwap or be minted on

The detailed steps are as follows:

Ⅰ.KYC Verification

  1. Open the Launchpad website (, connect to the wallet and select the BSC network.

2.Click My Profile to perform KYC verification (Chinese and American users will be excluded)

Ⅱ.Provide liquidity of 50 LP Token worth 100U of QSD/BUSD. QSD can be purchased with BUSD on PancakeSwap or be minted on Mint procedure is introduced at the end of this tutorial

1、Click and enter pancakeswap:

2、If you don't have minted QSD, you can also purchase

3、Add your 50 QSD/BUSD LP

Ⅲ. Return to the homepage, click to participate in the latest auction, and then select the intended auction to participate in the auction list. It should be noted that the bidding tool is BUSD or QSD in the wallet, so you need to ensure that your wallet has enough BUSD or QSD, and every time you enter the purchase amount, the equivalent BUSD or QSD will be paid.

QSD Mint Tutorial

Ⅰ. Open the Chemix website ( and click QSD LAB.

Ⅱ. Connect to BSC wallet, click MINT

Ⅲ. Select collateral assets, QSD isminted by one of collateral assets and KUN. It is necessary to ensure that there is a certain amount of collateral assets and KUN in the wallet.

Ⅳ. QSD minted