Love, Peace and Soul ( This is specifically in response to Hm. Oura~man's query and thanks for his concern about the changes in the project. We want to discuss rather than attack.)

  1. This is specifically in response to Hm.Oura~man's query in the community. Thanks for his concern about the changes to the project. We previously did not communicate enough for information of the community, causing misunderstandings and emotional damage to users. I need to apologize first, and hope that we can communicate and discuss later.

  2. Hm.Oura~man mentioned that the team had already received development funds through KUN. He also mentioned that the project had been stolen. We would like to clarify that KUN is a stable-algorithmic project coin, and the funds raised by the project through KUN had been lost in full when the project was stolen by hackers. The subsequent development funds came entirely from David's previous investment income and personal funds.

  3. Despite David's efforts, the QIAN project did not gain attention from the global community due to cultural reasons, so the project was failed. However, David still wants to compensate the early investors and participants.

  4. Until December 2021, the new project Chemix Eco was launched. David planned to merge QSD into Chemix Labs, and KUN was mapped 100% to CEC at a ratio of 1:10. The function of CEC remained the same as before, and was also used for the algorithmic part of QSD (Chemix Labs). Since Chemix Pad is officially launched for the purpose of user incentive, CEC is used as the incentive token for the referral plan to attract QSD users to participate in the Chemix Pad discount auction and continue to receive benefits from Chemix's business.

  5. In order to advance Chemix Eco's global growth, the project requires external financing, so we spoke with our investors, and they suggested that the Chemix Eco ecosystem would revolve around itself since Chemix Pad was a new business, and we should issue CEP tokens to be used primarily for Chemix Pad business, which would help grow the community. The team adopted the suggestion.

  6. CEC will play a role together with CEP in the future. The CEC position is now sufficiently decentralized that it can no longer achieve incentives for the new ecosystem, so it is used as a utilitiy token for Chemix Labs in addition to the algorithmic reconciliation function of QSD. It is equivalent to compensating the KUN investors and participants of the QIAN project from this perspective.

  7. CEP will be primarily used for the governance of Chemix Pad, and will allow gCEP tokens to participate in the dividends of the entire Chemix Ecosystem platform, allowing all users to enjoy the benefits of the Chemix Ecosystem development. There will be a variety of methods to obtain CEP, including auction mining, initial offering, airdrop, etc.

  8. The Chemix Pad project has strengthened its code security, and our new Chemix Pad products have all been cross-audited by auditors and community members, and the audit reports are available at:

  9. As the founder of QIAN Protocol, David continued to personally fund the project development after the theft incident. The whole project team is responsible, and we will continue to promote the project with a serious and responsible attitude and lead the project to success by CEC and CEP.

This is a response to Hm.Oura~man, not an official announcement. As you can see, the team has been working on the Chemix Pad and Docs page and content adjustments (including the launch of Claim Center). Please refer to the Twitter and Chemix Blog for all the improvements that will be announced after the adjustments are made.